"Moon Tree" by Chip Ghigna
Acrylic & polymer on wood

Moon Tree

Moon tree stares up at the night,
wishes upon the passing stars,
holds darkness in her leaves
like a secret,
waits for morning to come
hear her whisper of light.

©Charles Ghigna


  1. Love the idea of trees holding onto secrets in their leaves.

  2. The idea of a moon tree is wonderful. I see the moon sliver lately through branches & now I'll remember your poem. I checked out the picture on Chip's site, but this is sold. Still love it!

  3. Beautiful...especially with that magnificent painting to feast upon as well.

  4. Quite a few of us were thinking of the moon for Poetry Friday this week! Thanks for posting yours, Charles. It's a lovely poem and wow, that is one beautiful painting!!!!

  5. Beautiful poem and painting--and it goes with tonight's crescent moon!

  6. An enchanting poem! Chip's use of color lends a magical effect as well.

  7. Thanks for all your kind comments. I'll share them with Chip. We're working together on a book of poems and paintings. Perhaps "Moon Tree" will make the final cut. Thanks again.