Illustration by Chip Ghigna
Ink on paper,  24" x 30"

The Boy from TV Land

There was a boy from TV Land
Who never read a book;
Just TVs, TVs everywhere,
Everywhere he looked.

He never saw a library.
He never saw a school.
He never learned to read or write
Or say the Golden Rule.

But then one day he found a book
From a time so long ago.
He wondered what the words all said.
He wondered what they’d show.

But no one there in TV Land
Had learned to read or write.
They all just sat and stared each day
And late into each night.

The book was full of questions
The boy wanted to know.
So he took the book and left his land
Of the constant TV Show.

He came upon an old, old man
Who stared out into space;
A wise old man with many years
Etched across his face.

He gave the man the ancient book
And asked him to explain.
The man gazed down upon the boy,
His eyes so full of pain.

The boy leaned close to hear the words
That came from deep inside.
The old man groaned and told the boy--
“It’s just a TV Guide.”

from The Saturday Evening Post ©Charles Ghigna

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