Iron Art

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Look closely at this piece of slag.
See the figures climbing out of steel
like iron angels rising from Purgatory.

See the butterfly spread its wings. 
See the man with the bird under his arm.
See Mother Goose on her broom.

See the catfish.  The rose.  The cherub.
See the geese fighting over an apple.
See the mouse.  See the whale.

See the pig.  See the resting beast 
with his human face full of anguish.
See the Rorschach test made of iron.

©Charles Ghigna


  1. What fun to read this poem and then to try to find everything! I guess that is what all poetry is, finding meaning everywhere. Thank you for this, Charles! I hope you and your family are well! a.

  2. Thanks, Amy!
    Yes, every poem is "a little path."
    Ars longs, vita brevis!