El Greco (1541-1614)

A Spaniard from Greece

who mastered the Italian

technique of chiaroscuro,

you planted a landscape

whose hills still sow hope

in the hearts of artists

who follow in the deep

shadows of your footsteps,

praying they, too,

might brush against

that fine line between

the natural and supernatural,

might escape, as you did,

from material truth and form

to rise and enter that kingdom

where light and dark

are but a door to more

than meets the eye.

©Charles Ghigna


  1. I'm enjoying the series of poems, Charles. This is fabulous: where light and dark/are but a door to more/than meets the eye.

  2. Thanks, Diane. Art and artist offer much good inspiration for poems. So glad you are enjoying the series. It's been a fun challenge and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

  3. Charles,
    Like Diane, I have really enjoyed this series of poems. And I love the last few lines of this one- I feel like I spend my life trying to enter a kingdom where light and dark are a door to more than meets the eye… Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Carol.

    May your writings wing their merry way
    through the kingdom where light and dark
    come to ponder and play.

  5. This is beautiful! I love the words and the images, but I really like your use of punctuation. The feel of a run on sentence, then a sudden comma stop to reflect. It gives me the feel of clouds moving swiftly over the sun. Shadows, then a moment of warm light, then shadows again. Really lovely.

  6. Doraine, your comments here are a poem in themselves! Thank you!

  7. Beautiful - those last lines are my favorites, too.