Mary Cassatt (1844-1926)

From Philly to France

(against your father's wishes),

you left your impression

upon the Impressionists.

Degas' protégée and friend,

you proved your delicate worth

among the fraternal masters,

etching and earning

your way past the best of them,

your sense of style and grace

painted upon each pensive face

still stares through the eyes

of your immortal mothers

and all their fatherless children.

©Charles Ghigna


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  2. I love Mary Cassatt's work. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Lovely choice of Cassatt's paintings to go with the poem.

  4. ..."you proved your delicate worth/ among the fraternal masters, etching and earning your way..." This really characterizes Mary Cassatt's place in her time. Lovely! What age group are you aiming for in ARTWORDS?

    Thanks for joining in on Friday!

  5. Thanks, Heidi. I appreciate your hosting Poetry Friday AND taking time to comment posters postings! I'm a big fan of your poetry. I'm thinking that ARTWORDS might be for 8-12. Could also be for middle school and high school, though I see it in picture book format. I'd be curious to know what age group you think best for these poems. Thanks again!