The Bass Fisherman

in memory of my father

He was the silent type, the mute scholar

reading the sky instead of his books,

wasting no words above the still waters,

searching instead for shades of detail,

for the sharp, deep shadows of silver,

for the subtle moves that only seers see.

He was the careful type, the peaceful brave

wrapping his weapon with string, down

and prayer, warming his sight with colors

of sunset, waiting for sunrise to show him

the way, watching the depth of each cloud

that floated on the lake of his eyes.

He was the simple type, the timeless boy

flipping and testing his first flying rod,

urging it on past limits of hand and arm

to the other side of vision and dreams,

using all of that first moment to cast

the perfect balance of boy and boat.

He was the cautious type, the prize bass

with the broken hook still in his mouth,

staring up at the lake’s final surface of man,

following the drag of the feather’s taunt,

waiting, waiting, learning at last

the only reward of patience, is patience.

©Charles Ghigna

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your father, Charles. "Mute scholar, peaceful brave, timeless boy, prize bass" - what a way to keep him alive. Too, I love "the only reward of patience, is patience." How very true. A.