Be Still in the World

Be still in the world wherever you are,

listen to life’s lullaby;

the heartbeat, the breathing, the giving, receiving,

the sun and the moon and the star.

They all shine true through the essence of you,

a beacon of boundless light;

the father, the mother, the sister, the brother,

all are within you tonight.

Let the flow of the seas, the lilt of the breeze,

the rush and the calm of all time

carry your dreams along rivers and streams

and let you be still where you are.

©Charles Ghigna


  1. Sigh. Thank you, Charles. You have a way of reaching deeply into places where people need healing. Thank you for these words at this busy time... Many blessings to you and Debra and your beautiful family! A.

  2. Thanks, Amy. Warm blessings back to you and your beautiful family on this first day of winter. May the promise of the new year bring you much joy. Debra and I always look forward to reading your newly posted poems on the Farm.

  3. I am "still" in awe of this poem just as I was the day it fell out of your pen. Remember it well. You came in from a restorative walk, and wrote it all down, every word just as it is, with no editing.

    Remarkable, my love.