A River of Words

A river of words

a stream

a creek

a trickle

let the words

pour on the page

a splash a drop

a tickle

let them rush

let them gush

let them shape

the clay

let them flow

let them know

new worlds

are on the way

©Charles Ghigna


  1. Ooh! Another poem about writing...hooray! These always inspire me, Charles. I love "a splash a drop a tickle" (and no punctuation!) A.

  2. So nice, Charles. It's true that some words tickle us until we find the poem they belong to!

  3. And that is how a novel is written. And a poem too.

  4. This poem SOUNDS like water trickling when you read it! FUN!

  5. Thanks Jama, Mary Lee, Joyce M and Joyce R!
    I appreciate your taking the time to stop by.
    It's an honor to be in touch with such a family
    of talented writers here in the blogosphere.