Painted Window

No, this window
was not painted
with a broom,
but its coated panes
have know the taste
of pigment stone
and poison lead.
With total lack
of proffered trust
and patient hand,
a clumsy painter
dripped and stroked
his careless brush
across this pine
and prodigal glass.
Insensitive to
tortured tree
and silicates
fused in heat,
he damned our sight
at window's edge.

But this Red Devil
scraper is clean,
its whetted razor
hungry for revenge.
It licks beneath
the layered crust
of 5 & 10 enamel.
Each decisive slice
curls smoothly
back upon itself
like a scorpion's tail,
like a careful,
clever witch
peeling apples.

© Charles Ghigna