The Elms

The elms here are easy to talk about,
though we never really take them one at a time,
never really know one with words.

Maybe our eyes are the problem,
and when we are close, our hands, too,
get in the way.

We almost cannot walk by an elm
with our fingers still in our pockets,
and I wonder if it is their silence

that we want each time to touch
or simply the feel of something stronger
than ourselves, something rooted and solid

that may tell the truth on us
whenever we come out of our pockets
and open our eyes.

© Charles Ghigna


  1. Oh, I know this feeling! I do think it's the strength of the trees that we want to touch. And I adore your last line, "...whenever we come out of our pockets and open our eyes." Now I want to go out for a walk in our woods!

  2. Thanks, Amy. Enjoy your hike. Touch a few trees for me.