Couplets for Pablo Picasso

You carried your world in a cubist cage.
You painted its bars with passion and rage.

And when you were lonely with nothing to do,
You stripped all the bars and painted them blue.

Hanging your soul for the life of your sister
In memory’s museum to show how you missed her,

You painted Conchita, the Devil, and Christ,
Your trinity set for one blessed price.

You painted and paid for your premature guilt
Till your reds and your greens grew into a quilt

Of beggars and clowns and self-portraits, too,
All without color, except bitter blue.

Your fragmented world was coming undone
And painting to you was no longer fun.

You crawled in your cage and pulled it apart
And beat it all back with a broken heart.

And when your rage had painted you too,
Your cubist cage was finally through.

© Charles Ghigna

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